Henry Stone Music

T.K. Productions, The Independent’s Independent – Cash Box (1975)

T.K. Productions: Henry Stone set it up as the umbrella corporation for over 15 of his own labels that are still bought and sold all over the world. In 1975, Stone was building an unprecedented run on the pop charts that still holds records today. This Cash Box advertisement from 1975 thanks, “KC and The […]

Shout Out to Magic City Soul Club at Acme Lounge

Charles Bradley is a bad motherfucker. So are Milton Wright and Willie Hale; that’s Betty’s brother, and Little Beaver. Hear them all and more on vinyl through big speakers at Acme Lounge for Magic City Soul Club’s Sunday jam there. The place isĀ on 17th street and NE 1st Ave, about a half a mile away […]