Henry Stone Music

Miami Funk Volume 3



1) Cramp Your Style – All the People
2) Masterpiece – Clarence Reid
3) Save Me – James Knight
4) Funk On Ahh Roll – James Brown
5) I Like My Birdie – Leno Phillips
6) Keep It Up – Milton Wright
7) Stony Island Band – Stony Island Band
8) Come On Baby – Beginning of the End
9) 90% of Me is You – Vanessa Kendrick
10) Love Was Really Meant For You – Wizdom
11) Magician Man – Fats Gallon
12) Life Is A Beautiful Thing – Fats Gallon
13) My Uncle Funky – Chocolateclay

Video – “Cramp Your Style” by All The People

All The People ~ This is one of the best tracks from Robert “Miami” Moore. Cramp Your Style is a great funk track with a sound that hits you right from the start.

Clarence Reid ~ During the 60s and 70s, Clarence Reid, singer, songwriter, talent scout, and producer for Henry Stone’s labels, was involved in just about every recording that came out of Stone’s Hialeah-based Upstairs studio. Masterpiece is a heartfelt and poignant performance in which Reid brings a rich, vocal quality.

James Knight and the Butlers ~ James Knight is also called The Black Knight. He leads a tight combo with a raw, funky sound. You can hear Knight’s guitar leading the combo with great horns backing him up.

James Brown ~ James Brown, the Godfather of Soul, called Henry Stone his Godfather. Stone and Brown have been close friends since the beginning of Please, Please, Please. They formed the BrownStone record label and put out several releases over the years, including this great funky track, Funk On Ahh Roll.

Leno Phillips ~ Excellent funk from the Miami scene of the 70s, I Like My Birdie has a powerful, fast groove that you can feel right from the start.

Milton Wright ~ Milton Wright’s rare groove Keep It Up is one of the most unique soul songs of its generation. A grooving track with just a hint of funk and a deeply smooth vocal and some original rhythms that really make it special.

Stony Island Band ~ They took their name from the southside Chicago neighborhood that they grew up in. This track, that they named after the band, is late 70s funky soul with a male lead vocal, call-and-response chorus and a heavy rhythm lead by the guitars.

The Beginning of the End ~ This group from the Bahamas took the best part of the island rhythms and used them to create a whole new style of funk, with a bouncy sound that comes from some incredible guitar, bass and drums.

Vanessa Kendrick ~ The original version of this hot Gwen McCrae track, 90% Of Me Is You, the music is similar, heavy beats and lush strings, but the vocal is very different, smooth and sultry, almost ballad-like. If you are a fan of the cover, check out this original.

Wizdom ~ The late, great Anthony “Tony” Ward, lead guitarist on Wizdom, also played lead guitar on Anita Ward’s Ring My Bell. Tony was highly hyper and he would dance constantly while onstage. Tony’s band featured Walt Harris on lead vocals and drums. A great rare sweet, funky soul gem.

Fats Gallon ~ Fats Gallon, the son of well-known radio DJ “Wildman Steve”, has been on the road as a drummer, writer, arranger, and producer since he was 17. He has played for legendary groups such as Latimore, The Dells, Sly Stone, Betty Wright and many more. His solo tracks combine great energy with a wildly funky beat.

Chocolateclay ~Great Miami style Funk from the collaboration of George “Chocolate” Perry and Clay Cropper.