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Shout Out to Magic City Soul Club at Acme Lounge

magic city
DJ Ackdaddy for Magic City Soul Club at Acme Lounge

Charles Bradley is a bad motherfucker.

So are Milton Wright and Willie Hale; that’s Betty’s brother, and Little Beaver.

Hear them all and more on vinyl through big speakers at Acme Lounge for Magic City Soul Club’s Sunday jam there.

The place is on 17th street and NE 1st Ave, about a half a mile away from where the Old Cafe Society used to be in Overtown back in the day.

You wanna know how you know that a hit stays a hit forever? When DJ Ackdaddy spun the 45 of Betty Wright’s “Cleanup Woman,” as soon as Little Beaver’s guitar came in, three hot Miami chicks started dancing in the empty club and dropping their bodies all the way down and scrubbing the floor. This actually happened.

It was a beautiful sight on a rainy Sunday afternoon.

The Acme Lounge has an outside area with a pizza truck and the music plays back there too.

All in all the shit was pretty cool and if you like music, pizza, drinks, and girls dancing you should check it out.

It’s all vinyl, every Sunday from 6p.m. till late.