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Henry Stone: “Miami Is The Funk Capital of The World”

The soul of true funk is a force so powerful that its musical stops have more rhythm than any other genre’s musical sounds. From break to bridge to hook, and every so-called off-beat in between, Miami is the funk capital of the world. That was true in 1974, and it’s still true today. James Brown […]

Top 200 Florida Funk, Soul, and R&B Singles of 1976 (Part 1)

DADE 75. Freddie & The Kinfolk – Mashed Potato, Popcorn / First Take 74. Jimmie “Bo” Horne – I Can ‘t Speak/Street Corners 73. Benny Latimore – I’ll Be Good To You/Life ‘s Little Ups & Downs 72. Arnold Albury & Casuals – Funky Yolk / Thanks For Waiting 71. Arnold Albury & Casuals – […]

Miami Moves Up As Soul Center – Billboard Magazine 1974

Great article here by Art Kapper in a year end issue of Billboard Magazine, 1974. Henry Stone’s T.K. Productions was entering its most prolific phase; and spurred on by a series of platinum albums, the company went on to move over a hundred million physical units around the world. Take a look at this article […]

Get To Know Latimore, Soul and Blues Music Pioneer

latimore 1970s

Not many people make it out from little towns like Charleston, Tennessee and get onto the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and The Roots, but keyboard playing singer/songwriter Benny Latimore did just that, and made a lot of great music throughout the seven decades between. Born way back in 1939, he moved to Miami in […]

A James Brown Personal Thank You Note

Here is an autographed thank you note James Brown sent to Henry Stone where you can practically feel the almighty funk of his spiritual dexterity as it’s jumping off the page with a foot kicked in the air before dropping to the splits and two stepping all over your psyche’s jukebox. Brown and Stone were […]

Who Were Brandye on Kayvette Records and T.K. Disco?

Sexy, sultry, singing ladies with legs as long as US-1. These are the things dreams are made of. Kayvette Record’s Brandye recorded at least one single for T.K. Disco (“Rhythm of Love,” b/w “Curiosity”), and an album called Crossover To Brandye. Their real names are Cynthia Douglas, Donna Davis and Pamela Vincent. According to Discogs, “Brandye […]

R.I.P. Prince – Reign In Purple – Orange Bowl 1985 Show Recap

R.I.P to the artist formerly known as The Artist Formerly Known As Prince. This is what it sounds like when doves cry, my friend. He was the Purple Alpha, the Minneapolis Omega, and a son of funk in the same league as James Brown and Little Richard. Here’s what HenryStoneMusic’s own Joe Stone remembers of the Prince […]