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Who Were Brandye on Kayvette Records and T.K. Disco?


Sexy, sultry, singing ladies with legs as long as US-1. These are the things dreams are made of.

Kayvette Record’s Brandye recorded at least one single for T.K. Disco (“Rhythm of Love,” b/w “Curiosity”), and an album called Crossover To Brandye.

Their real names are Cynthia Douglas, Donna Davis and Pamela Vincent.

According to Discogs, “Brandye were best known as backing vocalists for Millie Jackson (“A Moment’s Pleasure”), James Brown (“Too Funky In Here”) and Dennis Coffey (“Our Love Goes On”). And they often worked on Brad Shapiro productions.”

Their beautiful voices, smooth harmonics, and Caribbean inflected guitars over cruise ship style string arrangements complement their love songs. Replete with funky horns, and heavy bass breakdowns, Brandye embody the Miami Sound developed over thousands of releases by Henry Stone’s many record labels.