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Henry Stone: “Miami Is The Funk Capital of The World”

The soul of true funk is a force so powerful that its musical stops have more rhythm than any other genre’s musical sounds. From break to bridge to hook, and every so-called off-beat in between, Miami is the funk capital of the world. That was true in 1974, and it’s still true today. James Brown knew it, Blowfly knew it, and Henry Stone made sure the world knew it. Now Henry Stone Music is keeping the word alive and you can check out this vintage article from Miami Magazine 1975 to find out what Timmy Thomas and Betty Wright had to say about it.

According to Henry himself, who Miami magazine quoted from a previous interview, “Miami is the funk capital of the world. I ain’t letting no big companies in here to tell me what to do either…look at some of the crap being passed off as R&B. It’s all New York hype. We’re gonna explode. We’re exploding already. I wanna funk up the world, man, and I can feel it happening.” – Henry Stone in Boston’s Real Paper – July 7th, 1974.”

So from HSM to you, just remember, true funk will never die, and it’s right here in Miami any time you’re looking for it.