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Top 10 HOT Productions Record Labels

10. Time-X Records Releases by: The Vicious Rumor Club, Tricky Nikki, The Boys from the Bottom, Wolf Pack, Pu-Tang Pam     9. Jackpot Records Releases by: DSK, Boogie Bass Bombers, Smooth E, F.M. Funk, Charlotte McKinnon     8. Loop Records Releases by: The Dynamic Duo, Break Beats: Drums Of Passion, Massive Meltdown   […]

Top 10 Sunnyview Records

Morris Levy and Henry Stone teamed up for this early to mid 80s electronic dance label with independent worldwide distribution, and over a hundred of Levy’s own Strawberry Records retail stores pushing the product too. The label pretty closely precedes Levy’s indictment and probably represents his absolute height of power. The beats are strong and […]

Top 10 Henry Stone Drum Machine Records

You know his soul. You Know his funk. His gospel, and his blues. But what you may not know of Henry Stone is all the drum machines he’s used. From multi-million sellers to underground classics, Henry Stone encouraged every artist he worked with to be creative using every tool available to make hits. Here are […]

Henry Stone On The Story Behind Newcleus “Jam On It”

sunnyview records

(From a 2013 interview with Henry Stone) “In the early 80’s I formed a company with Morris Levy of Roulette Records called Sunnyview Records. Although I lived in Miami, the company was based in NYC. I brought with me to this new label Dan Joseph, who had worked for me at TK Records and was […]