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Henry Stone On The Story Behind Newcleus “Jam On It”

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(From a 2013 interview with Henry Stone)

“In the early 80’s I formed a company with Morris Levy of Roulette Records called Sunnyview Records.

Although I lived in Miami, the company was based in NYC. I brought with me to this new label Dan Joseph, who had worked for me at TK Records and was one of the best promo men in NYC.

A couple of producers by the name of Joe Webb and Frank Fair who I knew from the streets and the music bidness brought me an act called Newcleus, a group from the city.

I was looking for a hip hop act out of New York cause most of my stuff came out of Miami and this was a New York group that was presented to me for a change of pace. When I first heard it, I heard the beginnings of a hit record. Their first release was Wikki Wikki Wikki and I thought it was just kooky enough to be a hit.

In July 1983 I released a single on the group called “Jam On Revenge” (The Wikki Wikki Song(Sunnyview 7″ 3007)) which climbed to #26 on Billboard’s Black Singles chart.

In early 1984 I had Dan Joseph along with New York mixer Jonathan Fearing do a 12″ mix of “Jam On It” (Sunnyview 12″ 411, Sunnyview 7″ 3010) and hired Morris Levy’s son Adam to promote the record.

Released in March 1984, the remixed version did a lot better the second time around as it reached #9 on Billboard’s Black Singles chart and #16 on the Billboard Top 80 Dance / Disco chart. It was an instant #1 hit in nightclubs around the world and to this day it’s a classic.

After the success of “Jam On It” I released their debut album “Jam On Revenge” (Sunnyview 4901), which peaked at #15 on Billboard’s Top 75 Black albums chart and #74 on Billboard’s Top 200 Pop Albums chart.

One other song from the album, “Computer Age” (Push The Button) (Sunnyview 7″ 3013), released in August 1984 also became a Top 40 hit on Billboard’s Black Singles chart. During the summer of 1985 Newcleus enjoyed moderate hits with “I Wanna Be A B-Boy” (Sunnyview 12″ 425) and “Let’s Jam” (Sunnyview 7″ 3024).”

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