Henry Stone Music

Top 10 HOT Productions Record Labels


10. Time-X Records
Releases by: The Vicious Rumor Club, Tricky Nikki, The Boys from the Bottom, Wolf Pack, Pu-Tang Pam



9. Jackpot Records
Releases by: DSK, Boogie Bass Bombers, Smooth E, F.M. Funk, Charlotte McKinnon



8. Loop Records
Releases by: The Dynamic Duo, Break Beats: Drums Of Passion, Massive Meltdown




7. On Records
Releases by: The Megatrons, Bass Dominators



6. OZ Records
Releases by: Boris Midney, Agony Lords, USA-European Connection, Tim Finn




5. Pop Music Records
Releases by: T Connection, Boogie Bass Bombers, R.J. Knight, Direct Impact




4. Rock Well Records
Releases by: BOSE, Bassix, Rock The World, Batman, Robo Cop




3. Super Power Records
Releases by: T-Connection, Newcleus, The Chi-Lites, Gregory Cook, Rick & The Sound of Sunshine




2. HOT Records
Releases by: Gigolo Tony, Brain Damage, The Rappin’ Lords, RPM, T-Up





1. HOT Classics

Releases by: Pretty Tony, Freestyle, Trinere, Debbie Deb, Gloria Gaynor, Herman Kelly and Life, The Sunshine Band, Grandmaster Flash and The Furious Five