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2 Live Jews Are In The News, Again !!

  In 1990, a mysterious rap record called As Kosher As They Wanna Be came out on the Kosher Records label from Miami, FL. Riding the wave of the 2 Live Crew’s media popularity, the meta narrative of a parody group making parodies of a group that made parodies made a powerful undercurrent for the […]

Shout Out To The Mogul Podcast from Gimlet For Coming Through

The company that Spotify recently purchased for $200 million just sent three of its best reporters to Miami for a new season of their hit show. Shout out to the producing reporters of Mogul on Gimlet Media for rolling through HSM Headquarters to interview Joe Stone. Great questions and answers and should be an award […]

Joe Stone Featured in Artsculture, Canada’s Premier Magazine of Creativity

The “Miami Sound” is alive in Ottawa; and the great 12″ record we call time has spun another revolution. First Henry Stone took over Canadian pop charts, and now Joe Stone is featured in ArtsCulture, Canada’s premier magazine of creativity and culture. Founded by CBC veteran and digital pioneer Robert Ballantyne, the maple leaf outlet has […]

FDF Launch Party at Wynwood Garden In Photos

  The Freedom Democracy Family Project is happy to announce that its launch party the weekend of the Revolt Music Conference was a great success. The event took place in Miami’s Wynwood Art District at The Garden (270 NW 23st). K Foxx emcee’d and special guest Angel Love along with other influencers were in the […]

Great Review of Joe Stone on Between The Liner Notes

  Shout out to Michaelangalo Matos of City Pages magazine in Minneapolis for the great review of the Joe Stone episode of Between The Liner Notes. Matos writes, “It focuses on Joe Stone, the son of Henry Stone, who ran a succession of Miami R&B imprints (most notably the disco label T.K. Records) and recorded everyone […]

Joe Stone Talks About The Fire at T.K. Records on Between The Liner Notes

If you’ve ever wanted to know about the fire at the TK Records warehouse, tune in to this episode of Between The Liner Notes! With Joe Stone, the great Henry Stone legacy continues. Major thanks to Matthew Billy, creator of #BetweenTheLinerNotes, for an epic interview podcast with Joe Stone talking about a fire at the TK […]

Joe Stone Interviewed on Between The Liner Notes

For Joe Stone, growing up in a house full of wild parties and non-stop music was one of a kind journey; And just like Henry Stone, Joe created his own pioneering role in the music business. After sneaking and fighting his way into the studio as a teenager, Joe became a producer, engineer, art director, artist, and promoter. […]