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Joe Stone Featured in Artsculture, Canada’s Premier Magazine of Creativity

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The “Miami Sound” is alive in Ottawa; and the great 12″ record we call time has spun another revolution. First Henry Stone took over Canadian pop charts, and now Joe Stone is featured in ArtsCulture, Canada’s premier magazine of creativity and culture.

Founded by CBC veteran and digital pioneer Robert Ballantyne, the maple leaf outlet has published a dope article about Henry Stone Music, the record label that Joe Stone runs to keep the music of his father alive throughout the world in every medium.

As Henry Stone always said, “Distribution is everything,” and his TK Records Canada hits were just as huge in the great white north as everywhere else. In Montreal alone, TK’s sound was one of the leading early influences in a world renowned dance and club-music culture that still booms today.

That same creative power also goes for 1980’s hip hop by groups like L’Trimm (“Cars With The Boom”) and Gucci Crew II (“Sally That Girl”) both of which Joe helped create.

Originally, Henry didn’t want his son to get involved in his line of work, but the teenage music loving Joe would not be denied, and his persistence paid off.

His first job for Henry was cleaning smoke damage off the TK Records master tapes that were nearly destroyed by the literal disco inferno that raged at 495 SE 10th Ct in Hialeah, FL.

The studio tapes that Joe found himself restoring, boxing, and cataloging formed the raw material for over one hundred million physical units worth of records sold around the world.

Check out article: https://www.artsculture.ca/blogs/joe-stone-henry-music-miami

Shout out to all the TK Records and HenryStoneMusic heads in Ottawa, Vancouver, Nova Scotia, Calgary, Toronto, and every city, town, and province in between. HSM will continue serving you the best of over 65 years of  Florida soul, funk, r&b, dance, gospel, rap, and much more.

Thanks Artsculture, you rule!!