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Great Review of Joe Stone on Between The Liner Notes



Shout out to Michaelangalo Matos of City Pages magazine in Minneapolis for the great review of the Joe Stone episode of Between The Liner Notes.

Matos writes, “It focuses on Joe Stone, the son of Henry Stone, who ran a succession of Miami R&B imprints (most notably the disco label T.K. Records) and recorded everyone from James Brown to KC & the Sunshine Band and beyond. The first three minutes of “Stone” amount to an homage to Goodfellas: Ever since he was a kid, surrounded by the R&B royalty his father recorded and piles of barbecue and drugs, Joe always wanted to be a record man, and the episode follows his journey. A key moment comes when he accidentally joins the crew on a B.B. King session.”

The review continues on to make more great observations about the pod and the episode and you should check it out and read the whole article.

Nice writing Matos. And thanks once again to Matthew Billy and The Goat Rodeo crew for doing such a great job!!!

And if you haven’t heard the episode yet, click the link and thank me later.