Henry Stone Music

Top 10 Little Beaver Records

10. Little Beaver – “Joey”     9. Little Beaver – “Concrete Jungle”     8. Little Beaver – “I Can Dig It Baby”     7. Little Beaver – “Blues For Mama”     6. Little Beaver – “Katie Pearl”     5. Little Beaver – “I Like The Way You Do Your Thing” […]

John Rootman Henry “Who Am I?” aka “Love Is Not A Stranger Anymore”

john rootman henry

Henry Stone’s DIG Records was a little underground indie under his Marlin Productions company where a pair of Steve Alaimo, Willie Clarke, and Clarence Reid collaborations with John Rootman Henry were ultimately released after originally being recorded for James Brown and Henry Stone’s BrownStone Records label in 1972. John Rootman Henry was a Miami soul […]

Top 10 Cat Records Releases from The 1970s: Soul, Funk, and Funky Soul

gwen mccrae

      10. Chocolateclay – Chocolateclay (album) George Chocolate Perry started his career as a 16 year old kid at the T.K. Productions studio as a bass player doing session work. His talent saw him rise from the million selling Gwen McCrae “Rockin’ Chair,” and underground smash Blowfly “Porno Freak,” to recording and touring […]

The T.K. Productions Family Lived an Epic That Shall Never Be Forgotten

The above photo was taken behind the scenes of the documentary filming of the movie about Henry Stone’s life and work in the music business. That film is called Record Man and it won the Orlando International Film Festival. A distribution deal for wide release is currently in the works with a major company. Look […]

Photos of Miami Disco Fever Reunion, October 12, 2013

On October 12, 2013, at the newly renovated Milander Performance Center, over 1200 disco fans gathered for one big night of the Miami Disco Fever Reunion! Organized by long-time promoter Charlie Rodriguez and hosted by popular radio DJ Leo Vela, the night featured performances from some of the biggest names in disco, including George McCrae, […]

#FromTheArchives A normal day at the TK Records office

This is where a lot of the action happened! Just a normal day at the TK Records offices. Makin’ hits. Hanging out with (left to right) Betty Wright; H.W. Casey (that’s KC and the Sunshine Band); our Italy sales rep; Willie Clarke sitting on my lap (why?); myself – Henry Stone on the phone, as […]

From the Archives: Grammy Award for “Where Is the Love” in 1975

From the Archives: How about a Grammy Award!? Awarded to Henry Stone’s legendary publishing company, Sherlyn Publishing Co., which published some of the most popular songs of the time. “Where Is The Love” was performed by Betty Wright and produced by H.W. Casey and Rick Finch (of KC and the Sunsine Band) and Willie Clarke. […]