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John Rootman Henry “Who Am I?” aka “Love Is Not A Stranger Anymore”

john rootman henry

Henry Stone’s DIG Records was a little underground indie under his Marlin Productions company where a pair of Steve Alaimo, Willie Clarke, and Clarence Reid collaborations with John Rootman Henry were ultimately released after originally being recorded for James Brown and Henry Stone’s BrownStone Records label in 1972.

John Rootman Henry was a Miami soul singer and school teacher at Horace Mann Middle School whose real name was John McArthur. McArthur recorded under a variety of pseudonyms like Sir John Henry, John Rootman Henry, and King John among others. He was in a doo wop group called The Majestics. His first recording for Henry Stone was with this group in 1956 with the ultra rare Florida soul cuts “Nitey Nite” and “Caveman Rock.”

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