Henry Stone Music

Hip Hop Gospel: Miami Bass Edition Featured In The Miami Times

Check out this great new article about Hip Hop Gospel: Miami Bass Edition in one of Miami’s most historic and longest running newspapers, the great Miami Times. They are a modern media company with a continued focus on community journalism, and perform the all important functions of credible reporting, investigative stories that hold politicians accountable, […]

Miami Bass Soul Choir – He’s Got The Whole World (Miami Bass Edition)

   Fifteen vocal powerhouses from Liberty City. One group. Ten tracks. The new album of classic hymns performed with modern bass arrangements. This is the Miami Bass Soul Choir – Hip Hop Gospel TRACK LIST 1. Kumbaya 2. He’s Got The Whole World 3. When The Saints 4. Every Time I Feel The Spirit […]

Top 10 Rockwell Records

 10. Bose ‎– Rock The World (Like No Other Girl) Genre: Electronic Style: Electro Year: 1987     9. Bassix ‎– The Tears Of A Clown Genre: Electronic Style: Electro, Hi NRG Year: 1987     8. Hardcore Jazz ‎– My World Is Empty Without You Genre: Electronic Style: Electro, Disco Year: 1987   […]

Top 10 HOT Productions

After cutting ties with Morris Levy and Sunnyview Records, Henry formed a new manufacturing and distribution powerhouse called HOT Productions. The company had a slew of in-house labels, and the license to press, ship, market and distribute dozens of others. Throughout the CD era, the whole industry saw an explosion of inventory as compilations, re-issues, […]

HOT Bass Music From HOT Productions and HOT Record Sales

Hot Bass Music from HOT Productions, Inc. Low Riding Bass. Bass Your Car And Truck. This disc will blast your speakers with ear rippin’ bass from the Sunshine State. A low 20Hz will push all others out of your way and give you a feeling of power like no other can!! As the title suggests, […]

Top 10 Henry Stone Drum Machine Records

You know his soul. You Know his funk. His gospel, and his blues. But what you may not know of Henry Stone is all the drum machines he’s used. From multi-million sellers to underground classics, Henry Stone encouraged every artist he worked with to be creative using every tool available to make hits. Here are […]

Joe Stone Talks About The Fire at T.K. Records on Between The Liner Notes

If you’ve ever wanted to know about the fire at the TK Records warehouse, tune in to this episode of Between The Liner Notes! With Joe Stone, the great Henry Stone legacy continues. Major thanks to Matthew Billy, creator of #BetweenTheLinerNotes, for an epic interview podcast with Joe Stone talking about a fire at the TK […]