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Hip Hop Gospel: Miami Bass Edition Featured In The Miami Times

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Check out this great new article about Hip Hop Gospel: Miami Bass Edition in one of Miami’s most historic and longest running newspapers, the great Miami Times. They are a modern media company with a continued focus on community journalism, and perform the all important functions of credible reporting, investigative stories that hold politicians accountable, and full coverage of all the important issues that Miamians really care about.

This storied publication is one of the longest continuously published African-American newspapers in the United States, and its founder Mr. Henry E. Sigismund Reeves, one of the original pioneers of the City of Miami.

As a media company, the Miami Times continues its legacy of journalism in the truest sense of the word and it is an honor for Henry Stone Music and the Miami Bass Soul Choir to be featured in its storied pages.

Shout out to the writer Racquel Lewis and the editor Emily Cardenas.