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Milt Oshins, Marlin Records Executive Vice President – Record World (1969)

“Henry Stone announced that Milt Oshins, Marlin Exec Vice President, will concentrate on the national promotion of Marlin artists, songs and records. He will also promote on a national basis a limited amount of individual records for labels carried by Tone. Pete Naschik will take over as Tone promo head. In another expansion on the […]

Record World Jazz Award Winners 1976

Henry Stone always loved jazz. Even as the Disco genre overtook the global pop charts, Stone had entire labels and production companies devoted to modern, and even smooth & easy listening styles of America’s original genre. While KC and The Sunshine Band were making their mark on the Hot 100, Henry Stone’s jazz artists Ralph […]

These 10 Marlin Records Will Blow Your Mind

In the mid 1950’s Henry Stone founded Marlin Productions and the Marlin record label to focus on blues, soul, funk, jazz, avant-garde, and instrumental releases from some of the top studio musicians in the country. Early forays into electronic music production also saw the light of day thanks to this label. Few other American imprints […]

John Rootman Henry “Who Am I?” aka “Love Is Not A Stranger Anymore”

john rootman henry

Henry Stone’s DIG Records was a little underground indie under his Marlin Productions company where a pair of Steve Alaimo, Willie Clarke, and Clarence Reid collaborations with John Rootman Henry were ultimately released after originally being recorded for James Brown and Henry Stone’s BrownStone Records label in 1972. John Rootman Henry was a Miami soul […]