Henry Stone Music

Record World Jazz Award Winners 1976

Henry Stone always loved jazz. Even as the Disco genre overtook the global pop charts, Stone had entire labels and production companies devoted to modern, and even smooth & easy listening styles of America’s original genre. While KC and The Sunshine Band were making their mark on the Hot 100, Henry Stone’s jazz artists Ralph […]

Paulette Reaves on Blue Candle TK Records – Cash Box (1978)

PAULETTE REAVES (Blue Candle / T. K. – BC – 1526 -A) Jazz Freak (3 :45 (Sherlyn Pub. Co . Inc . – BMI) (Clarence Reid) As effective a ”commercial” for jazz as we’ve heard. This bouncy and vibrant tune extols the virtues of the genre with some understandable name-dropping and instrumental emphasis. What makes […]

These 10 Marlin Records Will Blow Your Mind

In the mid 1950’s Henry Stone founded Marlin Productions and the Marlin record label to focus on blues, soul, funk, jazz, avant-garde, and instrumental releases from some of the top studio musicians in the country. Early forays into electronic music production also saw the light of day thanks to this label. Few other American imprints […]

TK Jazz Campaign: Marlin Records, Wolf Records, and LRC Records – Cashbox (1978)

‘Sampler’ Heralds TK Jazz Campaign by Alan Sutton LOS ANGELES – TK Productions last week began mailing 5,500 copies of ”The TK Jazz Sampler” to radio stations, distributors and retailers, in a move to emphasize a major thrust behind its jazz roster and artists. The sampler contains album jackets from each of TK’s three jazz […]

Gwen McCrae – The Gig and Soul & Jazz Record (October 1975)

“When you finish listening to this album you will know that Gwen McCrae is for real. She’s not the fabled ‘one-hit’ artist that you have heard and read about, that has a smash hit and is never heard from again. Cuts like, “It’s Worth The Hurt” and “He Don’t Ever Lose His Groove” prove that […]

“Latimore’s Act Sensational” – The Miami Hurricane (1976)

┬ęThe Miami Hurricane – Latimore’s Act ‘Sensational’ Tuesday, November 16, 1976 By ALAN KRATISH Entertainment Writer “The billboard outside the ~newly refurbished Checkmate Lounge reads “The Sensational Latimore and Company.” That’s an adjective that’~ been wasted too many times on mediocre acts. But not this time . Sensational really is the best word to describe […]

Henry Stone in BILLBOARD: “1976 Will Be The Year Of Independent Distribution”

BILLBOARD Magazine is America’s longest running music charting publication, and one of Henry Stone’s most prolific promoters. Of all the media companies that wrote about Henry Stone, like The New York Times, The Miami Herald, The LA Times, Ocean Drive, Cash Box, and Record World, BILLBOARD wrote about him the most, going all the way […]