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TK Jazz Campaign: Marlin Records, Wolf Records, and LRC Records – Cashbox (1978)

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‘Sampler’ Heralds TK Jazz Campaign
by Alan Sutton
LOS ANGELES – TK Productions last week began mailing 5,500 copies of ”The TK Jazz Sampler” to radio stations, distributors and retailers, in a move to emphasize a major thrust behind its jazz roster and artists. The sampler contains album jackets from each of TK’s three jazz labels – Marlin, Wolf and LRC – bound together in spiral form. Albums featured in the package include Eddie Daniels’ “Street Wind,” Kenny Barron’s “Innocence,” Ralph MacDonald’s “The Path,” Phil Upchurch’s self-titled “Phil Upchurch,” Jimmy McGriff’s “Outside Looking In,” Jimmy Ponder’s “All Things Beautiful,” and Joe ThomasĀ  “Get In The Wind.” Sample Cuts Additionally, the sampler includes the entire Michael Urbaniak “Ecstasy” album as well as a two-record set with sample cuts from the featured albums. According to marketing director Linda Fine, the sampler was conceived by TK president Henry Stone, who wanted to showcase the label’s burgeoning jazz roster.” People still think of TK as a disco label,” she said, “and with the sampler we’re trying to show another side of TK.” She said the campaign is being supported with additional ad dollars and in-store merchandising tools. Emphasize Crossover Fine went on to emphasize the crossover potential of the jazz release, citing TK’s success in promoting R&B and disco acts such as KC & The Sunshine Band, Betty Wright, Peter Brown, Jimmy “Bo ” Horne, and Bobby Caldwell. “We have a strong R&B department, ” she said, and with that in mind we are not just servicing the sampler to jazz stations. Everything is being filtered through key R&B. college and progressive stations as well. “I think (A& M artist) Chuck Mangione proved the crossover potential of good jazz, and this is the perfect time to expose our diversified Jazz roster.”