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Henry Stone’s Alston Label

John Huddy Herald Entertainment Editor “Miami has another locally produced hit record and it’s a good one: “Funky Nassau,” which really does capture the lively combination of island sound and modern rhythm and blues, is climbing the charts. It’s on Henry Stone’s Alston label…”

Alston Records – “Everybody’s Listening To Soul Music”

Oh Happy Day! Everybody’s Listening To Soul Music Billboard – January 29, 1972 by Don Ovens “The soul artist, that energetic,  indefatigable personality, who has heretofore been relegated to a second class position in the music world, has emerged, brother, emerged….Alston Records came up with giant soul and pop hits in “Funky Nassau” by The […]

Top 10 Drive Records Albums From the 1970s: Soul, Funk, and Disco

fantasy love affair

10. The J.B.’s – Just Wanna Make You Dance “Just wanna make you dance, forget about romance, cause you can make love when the party’s over.” This funky cut by the James Brown band is co-written by James Brown, produced by James Brown, and is a hard stop journey through a world of cool where […]