Henry Stone Music

Miami Funk Volume 2



1. Mashed Potato Popcorn; Freddie and the Kinfolk
2. Funky In The Hole; The Blowflys
3. Same Old Beat; Freddie Scott
4. I Weep; B. B. Brown
5. Bahama Soul Stew; Funky Nassau
6. They Don’t Know; Mona Lisa
7. Notorious; Miami
8. Funkadelic Sound; Little Beaver
9. Groove On; Famous Chromes
10. Never Loved A Woman, Instrumental; Sam Early & The Rising Sun
11. Screwdriver; Johnny K
12. Mr. Hot Stuff; The Hot Stuffs
13. Miami Funk; The Funky Bunch

> Freddie and The Kinfolk – Mashed Potato Popcorn
Freddie Scott led a group called The Kinfolk which released three singles on the Dade Label in 1968-69. Scott’s superb drumming kept him in constant demand. He backed countless soul bands. In 1974, he became the drummer for the R&B/Funk band Miami.

> The Blowflys – Funky In The Hole
The Blowflys were a group that was put together by the singers, songwriters, and producers Clarence Reid and Willie Clarke. Studio background singers and musicians made up this group.

> Freddie Scott – Same Old Beat
Scott was born in Jacksonville January 15th, 1939. At age 9, he began taking drum lessons. In 1958, Miami soul singer Davey “Dizzy” Jones brought Scott to Miami and introduced him to famed Miami record promoter and producer Henry Stone. In 1965, Scott was signed to Stone’s nationally distributed Dade and Scott labels and he recorded the single “Same Old Beat”

> B. B. Brown – I Weep
B. B. Brown came down from Ft. Lauderdale to the Miami studios. While crying in his beer he cut “I Weep.”

> Funky Nassau – Bahama Soul Stew
This group consisted of Arnold Albury on keyboards, Ivan Orlando playing drums, Charles Hepburn on lead vocals and bass guitar, and Simeon Taylor on guitar. They were famous for their colorful costumes made of tapestry that reflected their Bahamian style.

> Mona Lisa – They Don’t Know
Mona Lisa, in the mid-60s, came into my studio from Fort Lauderdale. We cut a few sides and later released them, but in the 60s they were just a little too funky. However, this track is perfect for the Miami Funk CD.

> Miami – Notorious
One of the earliest Florida dance acts to ride the first wave of the Miami sound was a soul/funk/dance band called “Miami”. On the Drive label, the group Miami, consisted of Robert Moore singing lead vocals, Warren “Roach” Thompson on guitar, Andrew “Wolf” Curran on guitar, Willie Jackson playing bass guitar, James Allen Johnson on bass, Bobby Williams on keyboard, Freddie Scott on the drums, and Jesus Gonzales beating the Congas. The group was produced by Willie Clarke and Clarence Reid.

> Little Beaver – Funkadelic Sound
On the Cat label, real name Willie George Hale, teamed up with Willie Clarke and together they wrote countless songs for T.K. artists. Beaver’s legendary bass and twelve string guitar riffs helped catapult Betty Wright’s Clean Up Woman to gold record status. This song, “Funkadelic Sound,” with Little Beaver, was Jaco Pastorious’ first ever recording session and it was engineered by Willie Clarke.

> Famous Chromes – Groove On
The Famous Chromes were out of Ft. Lauderdale and were discovered by Joe Fisher, the world-famous radio disc jockey also out of Ft. Lauderdale.

> Sam Early – Never Loved A Woman
Sam Early was born in Savannah, Georgia on April 4, 1935. He performed at the Cotton Club on Miami Beach in 1958 and soon after made Miami his home. He performed with The Cab Calloway Review and began working as a singer/songwriter for Davey “Dizzy” Jones who brought Early’s talents to the attention of famed Miami record producer Henry Stone where he recorded on Stone’s Marlin and Dade labels. In 1970 he recorded “Never Loved A Woman” on Stone’s Cat label.

> Johnny K – Screwdriver
He hails from Tampa, Florida. This song is a follow-up to his “I’m Afraid Of The Dark” on the Miami Funk Vol. 1 CD. Screwdriver is also penned by Clarence Reid and Willie Clarke, famed Miami songwriters and producers.

> The Hot Stuffs – Mr. Hot Stuff
Written by Miami’s Clarence Reid and Willie Clarke, this was a little studio group that was put together and called Hot Stuff. It was cut in Stone’s old Miami studio.

> The Funky Bunch – Miami Funk
Miami Funk, picked from the Henry Stone archives, sets a great funky groove. The Funky Bunch consisted of Clarence Reid, Willie Clarke, “Chocolate” Perry and other studio musicians.