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T.K. Records In The Hamilton Radio Quarterly Report – December 1976

Radio Quarterly Report: October – December, 1976 T.K. RECORDS 495 S.E. 10th COURT HIALEAH, FLORIDA 33010 (305) 888 -1685 LPs RELEASED THIS QUARTER: 8 SINGLES: 15 No. ON ROSTER: 25 EMPLOYEES: 12 PROMO MEN: 6 PRESIDENT: Henry Stone NATL PROMO: GM – Howard Smiley Dir. R&B George Chavous Natl Sec – Moe Preskell A&R: Steve […]

Tone Distributors In Miami and Jacksonville (The Cash Box 1961)

Tone Distributors had a reputation in the industry for being the top hustler in the distribution biz. How else would a company in a 2% market be able to sell 10-15% of the indie r&b records in the country? Hard work, and trans shippin’. No surprise then that James Brown was such a fan of […]

Henry Stone Opens Stone Distributors (The Cash Box 1949)

Check out this article that was originally printed in The Cash Box magazine in 1949. The Cash Box was a leading trade publication alongside Billboard, and Record World, and covered the nation’s hottest trends in coin operated amusement products like Skee Ball and especially juke boxes. They also published authoritative sales and radio research charts. […]

“B.B. King Recorded a Little Beaver Song,” Says Henry Stone

“I recorded B.B. King down here in Miami in 1984. He’s a terrific guy, personally, yaknow? So my opportunity came up to record him for Universal Records. It wasn’t my label of course, but I did the session. He cut a Little Beaver song called “Katie Pearl.” It was never released. I don’t know why. I […]

Fats Domino R.I.P. – Henry Stone Helped Make Him Famous In Florida

Fats Domino is a musical genius. May his everlasting funk rock in perpetuity. His pioneering rock n rollin boogie woogie rhythm n blues have helped make American music the leading force in global pop culture. Were it not for his monumental recorded output through Lew Chudd’s Imperial Records, and the network of indie distributors around the […]