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“B.B. King Recorded a Little Beaver Song,” Says Henry Stone

“I recorded B.B. King down here in Miami in 1984. He’s a terrific guy, personally, yaknow? So my opportunity came up to record him for Universal Records. It wasn’t my label of course, but I did the session. He cut a Little Beaver song called “Katie Pearl.” It was never released. I don’t know why.

I used to see B.B. when he worked the Palms of Hallandale, in the early days when he used to work the Chitlin Circuit. Every time he came down to Florida I used to see him.

B.B. always wanted to record with me in Miami, in the early years, when he was on Modern Records. About 1950. I distributed his records here in Florida and he knew me as a record man.

In the 60’s, his manager and I were good friends. Sid Seidenberg. He only managed two people, B.B. King and Gladys Knight. And he made them superstars. He was one of the real high power managers. When Latimore was hot, he wanted to manage Latimore and have him open up for B.B. on the road.

My first real experience with B.B. was when he was a disc jockey in Memphis. I’d see him when I used to go on the road. I was a hustler. I was on the road all the time. He was just one of those nice guys, very terrific guy.”

  • From a 2012 interview with Henry Stone

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