Henry Stone Music

Henry Stone Exports to Japan, Europe, and South America

“Tone Distributors in Hialeah, FL exports to Japan and South America as well as Europe. Ray Gutierrez, export manager, also finds that rock and R&B midlines are big in Europe, mainly because many countries have not pressed early product released in the U.S. Both he and Fletcher agree that this gap is narrowing with the […]

Henry Stone’s IRD Distributing Closes

  Billboard – July 27, 1985 Henry Stone has closed IRD Distributing, the Miami indie label operation he opened about a year ago, to concentrate on Sunnyview Records, the label he has with Morris Levy.

Emerging Indies: “TK, The Independent’s Independent”

Billboard – A Spotlight On America July 4th, 1976 “In recent years newer indie companies have made certain important contributions to the overall pop music scene around the world. Those most worthy of mention iniclude: T.K., called the “Independent’s independent.” In recent years, it has lived up to its reputation. T.K.’s President, Henry Stone, is […]

Milt Oshins, Marlin Records Executive Vice President – Record World (1969)

“Henry Stone announced that Milt Oshins, Marlin Exec Vice President, will concentrate on the national promotion of Marlin artists, songs and records. He will also promote on a national basis a limited amount of individual records for labels carried by Tone. Pete Naschik will take over as Tone promo head. In another expansion on the […]