Henry Stone Music

Emerging Indies: “TK, The Independent’s Independent”

Billboard – A Spotlight On America

July 4th, 1976

“In recent years newer indie companies have made certain important contributions to the overall pop music scene around the world. Those most worthy of mention iniclude: T.K., called the “Independent’s independent.” In recent years, it has lived up to its reputation. T.K.’s President, Henry Stone, is a well seasoned industry veteran and with his Tone operation was a pioneer in indie distribution. With giant worldwide hits by KC and The Sunshine Band, George McCrae, Gwen McCrae, Betty Wright and others, TK has established a Miami based music empire. Among the labels distributed under the TK banner are Glades, Cat, Drive, Alston, Kayvette, Dash, Wicked, and Chimneyville. Most recently Stone has branched into the jazz field with the signing of John Tropea.