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Watch Little Pebbles Perform “Back It Up” On Live Radio, and Argue Mid-Song



Little Pebbles got in a fight on live radio and everyone from Key West to West Palm Beach were glued to their radios as the drama unfolded mid-song.

The group was performing their new tuneĀ “Back It Up” when a sudden disruption set tempers flaring and the radio host into a state of confusion.

The phone lines at WLRN nearly melted from crazed female fans, record label execs, and dudes ready to follow the crew’s tour all over the U.S. calling in and showing support.


This very website got so many hits that Comcast called trying to charge more for service.

In fact, the Little Pebbles performance on Michael Stock’s Folk & Acoustic Show was so popular, the radio station won’t stop reaching out trying to get the band for their New Year’s party.

It’s safe to say that Rhyse and K’Lib are the hottest duo out of South Florida since Sam & Dave. You’ve gotta check out their amazing Art Basel Miami week performance, and thanks to the magic of youtube, you can.

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