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Vernon Campbell, KTLR Oklahoma City, sings praises for the new “Latimore Remembers Ray Charles” CD


This just in from Vernon Campbell
KTLR AM 890, Oklahoma City, OK:

Praise for “Latimore Remembers Ray Charles”

It’s time for the evening services to begin with a lot of screaming and shouting “Hallelujah” as we begin on Latimore’s hot new release of “Latimore Remembers Ray Charles.”

I’ll be bragging to the world “I Got A Woman” that will be joining me in evening service on Vernon CampbellBlues Hall Of Fame” on KTLR AM 890 right here in Oklahoma City.

It feels so good and inspirational to sing along with Latimore on “Georgia On My Mind.” I believe I’ll gas up the old car and swing by Henry Stone’s house and pick up Henry & Joe to come and “Hit The Road, Jack” with me. My heart is full with gladness that I want to “Unchain My Heart” with the release of this hot new CD of “Latimore Remembers Ray Charles.”

It has me “Drowning In My On Tears” that the phones are lightning the Oklahoma City skies up and saying to all our listeners “What I Say” “It’s Cryin’ Time” if you don’t call in your request from this new hot CD “Latimore Remembers Ray Charles.” All I can say about this new CD is “I Can’t Stop Loving You.” Remember, this new CD will begin a new rapture of shouting “Hallelujah” to the world.

I will close and sing along with Latimore because I’ve got a taste of the “St. Pete Florida Blues.” I thank God for Mr. & Mrs. Henry Stone & Joe Stone because they saw the vision to make this historical master piece a reality “Latimore Remembers Ray Charles“.

Vernon Campbell Vet Air Personality/MD
One Accord Broadcasting Corp/KTLR AM 890
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma