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Two New Disco Compilations

Two New Disco Compilations
Twelve Inch Disco Classics from the 70s Volume #1 and #2
Each volume contains 8 classic 70s disco releases by the original artists from the biggest disco labels so you can get down tonight and every night.

Vol. 1 Features artists: Peter Brown, Foxy, French Kiss, Lonnie Smith, Herman Kelly, Voyage, The Armada Orchestra, Little Beaver
1. Dance With Me
2. Party Boys
3. Panic
4. Do It
5. Dance to the Drummer’s Beat
6. Souvenirs
7 . For the Love of Money
8 . Groove On
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Vol 2 features artists: Foxy, Hokis Pokis, Voyage, Uncle Louie, Peter Brown, T-Connection, Gregg Diamond, Quartz
1. Tena’s Song
2. Nowhere
3. Lady America
4. Full Tilt Boogie
5. Crank It Up
6. Saturday Night
7. This Side of Midnight
8. Quartz
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