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Track List for New Rickey Calloway Album – King Of Funk – Break Down


In just a few short days, the new Rickey Calloway album is going to be funking the world so hard that Mother Earth herself will be saying “Please, Please, Please.” It’s over half a century of rhythm, blues, soul, gospel, rock, roll, and capital F, down and dirty, Duval County, Jacksonville, Florida style, paid my dues Rickey Calloway Funk slapping out of your speaker box when this album drops. Here’s the track list of what listening, dancing, loving, and funking tunes you have to look forward to. Enjoy !!

1. Tell Them (Tape Master Mix) 06:54
2. Tell Them (Instrumental) 06:54
3. Tell Them (Drum Bass Mix) 06:54
4. Tell Them (Drums Horns Mix) 06:54
5. Paid My Dues (Tape Master Mix) 07:12
6. Paid My Dues (Instrumental Mix) 07:12
7. Paid My Dues Bass Drums (Drum Bass Mix) 07:12
8. Thats on You (Radio Edit) 03:08
9. Thats on You (Instrumental Mix) 03:31
10. Tell Me (King of Funk Remix) 04:14
11. It’s on You 03:12
12. The Jump Back (Two Part Mix) 04:52