Henry Stone Music

TK International and KC and The Sunshine Band at Madison Square Garden (1976)


TK INTERNATIONAL COMES TOGETHER – TK International recently held a special series of meetings at the Americana Hotel in New York in cooperation with RCA International, the company’s distributor in markets outside the US, various RCA affiliates and members of the press, radio and television media were flown in from twenty countries around the world. The four-day event included interviews for the foreign media, a gala dinner hosted by TK president Henry Stone, culminating with the performance of KC and the Sunshine Band at Madison Square Garden followed by a farewell banquet. Seen above are (top left) Henry Stone, president of TK Productions; TK artist Ralph MacDonald; Donald Burkheimer of RCA Records; Gerry Oord, managing director of RCA England; and Robert Summer, division vice president of RCA  International; (top right) Mary Ann Flynn, director of TK International, who hosted the event; Sandy Ross; Ralph MacDonald; Henry Stone; (2nd row from left) Warner Mink of lnelco Holland; Ferry Maat of Tros Radio; Rick Finch and KC of Sunshine Band; Rien Van Wyk, Tros TV producer; and Wim Van Kerwyk of lnelco Holland; (next photo) Notorious Miami, TK artists, surrounding Ernie Moyersons, manager of advertising promotion for Jnelco Belgium; (3rd row from left) TK artists Foxy with Ray MacGregor of Magnum Production and 4/P Radio, Brisbane; (last photo) Scandinavian affiliates interviewing TK artist George McCrae.