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Timmy Thomas on Glades Records Added to Pop Radio – Record World (1972)

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Record World Magazine
December 9, 1972
by Kal Rudman

“Timmy Thomas is a Tasmanian Monster on Glade, owned by Miami Distributor, Henry Stone. We pulled this record out of the corner of deep left field weeks ago. It is now the number one selling r&b record in the nation. We predict it will sell 2 million records and will definitely become the No. 1 record in the country. To show you how accurate our predictions were on this obscure record, we will now list the heavyweight pop stations that just added it: WCSO, KSRC, WIXY, WAYS, WXLW, KJRB, WOKY, KJR, KLIF, WIBG. It is smashing No. 6 at CKLW.”