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“They’re Shakin’ Hits At T.K. Productions” – Miami Herald (1976)

MIAHER John Huddy They're Shaking hits at TK Productions 8-28-76 1

They’re Shakin’ Hits At T.K. Productions
Shaking Our Booty: Hialeah’s T.K. Productions. after months of inactivity and rumors the studio had become another burned-out recording case without a hit to its name, is exploding all over the pop and soul charts. It seems Henry Stone and Steve Alaimo like to come at us In bunches. K.C. and the Sunshine Band are edging towards the No. 1  slot with the disco tune “Shake Your Booty,” a song that’s been at the top of the soul ledger for two weeks. And there are no less than four other T.K. artists climbing the charts, not far behind the K.C. group. Betty Wright, crooning “If I Ever Do Wrong,” has reached the 54th slot on the pop charts and gaining in sales by the hour. There’s also the group Miami, singing “Kill That Roach” (the Chamber of Commerce boys will love that one), which is currently the 55th most popular record in America. Dorothy Moore, a Jacksonville lass who recently joined the T.K. family, is 65th with “Funny How Time Slips Away,” and another new act. the Ritchie Family, is 81st nationally and 72nd on the soul charts with ”The Best Disco in Town,” and you ain’t seen.. nothin’ yet. says producer Alaimo. “The new K.C. and the Sunshine Band album will be out within two weeks,” says the one-time rocker … “It’s a good one.” Here’s some news that ought to cause another three or tour nightclub owners to dive off the nearest bridge: Zev Bufman says he’ll augment wintertime plays at the Miami Beach Theater of the Performing Arts with concert-style bookings, taking aim at the blue-ribbon night club superstars.”