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The Facts of Life – A Matter of Fact

Facts of Life CD Insert


Did He Make Love To You
We Can’t Hide It Anymore
He Ain’t You
Do You Wanna Make Love
I’m Way Ahead of You
You Always Get Your Way
It’s Only a Matter of Time
This Ain’t No Time To Sleep Apart
Dr. Feelgood

A producer usually doesn’t write liner notes, but never being known as shy, I’ll take a chance.
The Facts of Life were my inspiration to be a singer myself. They are raw soul in its natural state. This album contains feelings that usually do not appear on records and only once in a while in concert.
The facts are, they believe in what they’re singing and I believe in what they’re saying. So when you listen to this album, I think you can’t help but learn about the FACTS OF LIFE…….. Millie J.

Produced by: Millie Jackson
Strings & horns arranged by: Mike Lewis, recorded at Criteria Recording Studio
Tracks recorded at: Muscle Shoals Sound Studio
Vocal recorded at Media Sound Studio
Arranged by: Millie Jackson & Brad Shapiro with the Muscle Shoals Rhythm section
Re-mixed at: Sound Shop: by Ernie Winfrey & Brad Shapiro
Mastered at: Sterling Sound