Henry Stone Music

the 31st of February



1. Sandcastles
2. Porcelain Mirrors
3. Broken Day
4. Wrong
5. The Greener Isle
6. Cod’ine
7. A Different Kind Of Head
8. Pedestals
9. Free
10. A Nickel’s Worth Of Benny’s Help
11. Pick A Gripe
12. Cries of Treason
13. In The Morning When I’m Real

The 31st of February consisted of Charles Scott Boyer (vocals, 12-string guitar, songwriter), David Brown (bass guitar, tenor saxaphone, songwriter) and Butch Trucks, Jr. (drums, songwriter). Recorded at Henry Stone’s studio in 1968 and produced by Steve Alaimo and Brad Shapiro. They first recorded at Henry Stone’s original upstairs eight-track studio.

The 31st of February album, produced by Alaimo & Shapiro, yielded one of Florida’s greatest rock gems, “Sandcastles.” “Sandcastles” was an incredible, haunting masterpiece filled with the sound of seagulls, surf and a hypnotic organ riff. During the sessions, the trio utilized the great talents of south Florida musicians Benny Latimore and Bobby Puccetti on organ.

Butch Trucks, Jr. became the drummer for the legendary Allman Brothers Band. Charles Scott Boyer formed the band Cowboy. David Brown went on to join Boz Scaggs.

Boyer, Brown and Trucks, Jr., who are, without a doubt, master musicians from Florida’s “Sandcastle Land” have appeared on countless recordings by various artists.