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Betty Wright with Gold Record for “Cleanup Woman” – Billboard (1972)

BETTY WRIGHT sheds that gold record smile for “Clean Up Woman,” and sharing the moment are some of those who made the big disk possible, left to right . WIiiie Clarke , manager and producer of the single; Betty Wright: Joe Fisher, program director of WRBD, Fort Lauderdale; Fred Hanna, program director of WMBM Miami; […]

Miami’s First All R&B and Gospel Radio Station – Cash Box (1957)

  “…Edward Castleberry, program director of WMBM-Miami Beach, Fla., tells us WMBM is the only r&b and gospel music station that can be heard all over South Florida and even in countries such as the Bahamas. It is part of The Rounsaville chain of seven radio stations, six of which are r&b. WMBM’s Gospel and […]

Miami R&B Full Page Ad for Radio Station WMBM (1953)

“Saturday, January 17, 1953. Miami Times. Miami, FL. Page Thirteen. The all new WMBM. 800 on every dial. Now featuring boogie, blues, spirituals, the nation’s top disc jockeys: Jockey Jack, Ed Cook, Mr. and Mrs. Swing, The Bronze Voice, and many others. All new and different programming. WMBM will broadcast the daily feature race from […]

Who Was Milton “Butterball” Smith? Miami’s Greatest Radio DJ Of All Time

Who Was Milton “Butterball” Smith? Article ¬©Jacob Katel DJ Milton “Butterball” Smith was a pioneering broadcaster of epic proportions who got his start on Florida radio in 1952. He was one of America’s first R&B DJ’s, and he played independent music from around the country. Butterball was a strong influence on record sales, and helped […]

#FromTheArchives Butterball’s World Famous Barbecues

Who remembers Butterball’s world famous barbecues out back of Tone Distributors? For those of you who don’t remember, you might be asking, how can a back lot barbecue be famous? Oh yes, indeed they were! When visiting Miami, artists and record people from all over the world would stop by the Tone offices just for […]