Henry Stone Music

Top 10 Little Beaver Records

10. Little Beaver – “Joey”     9. Little Beaver – “Concrete Jungle”     8. Little Beaver – “I Can Dig It Baby”     7. Little Beaver – “Blues For Mama”     6. Little Beaver – “Katie Pearl”     5. Little Beaver – “I Like The Way You Do Your Thing” […]

Top 10 Hip Hop Samples of Producer Steve Alaimo

10. Beyonce feat Jay Z – “Upgrade U” Sample of – Betty Wright – “Girls Can’t Do What The Guys Do”     9. Cypress Hill – “Real Estate” Sample of All the People feat. Robert Moore – “Cramp Your Style”     8. Lupe Fiasco – “Hustlaz Song” Sample of Gwen McCrae – “Love […]

These 10 Cat Records LP’s Will Soul Your Whole Existence

10. Little Beaver – Black Rhapsody     9. Gwen McCrae ‎– Gwen McCrae     8. George & Gwen McCrae ‎– Together       7. Raw Soul Express ‎– Raw Soul Express       6. Trama ‎– Trama       5. Willie “Beaver” Hale ‎– Beaver Fever       4. […]

Shout Out to Magic City Soul Club at Acme Lounge

Charles Bradley is a bad motherfucker. So are Milton Wright and Willie Hale; that’s Betty’s brother, and Little Beaver. Hear them all and more on vinyl through big speakers at Acme Lounge for Magic City Soul Club’s Sunday jam there. The place is on 17th street and NE 1st Ave, about a half a mile away […]

The T.K. Productions Family Lived an Epic That Shall Never Be Forgotten

The above photo was taken behind the scenes of the documentary filming of the movie about Henry Stone’s life and work in the music business. That film is called Record Man and it won the Orlando International Film Festival. A distribution deal for wide release is currently in the works with a major company. Look […]

Little Beaver – Katie Pearl Video

willie little beaver hale

Little Beaver’s unique guitar style has been appreciated by the top musicians in the US. The late and legendary bass guitar player Jaco Pastorius used to hang out in Henry Stone’s tiny upstairs 8-track studio in Hialeah, Florida to study Little Beaver’s great guitar riffs. Available on the Katie Pearl CD.