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Timmy Thomas Sells A Million On Henry Stone’s TK Distribution Network

In 1972, Timmy Thomas’s “Why Can’t We Live Together” hit the radio, and in 1973 it took off and sold over a million. The label was Glades Records, and Henry Stone was The President. All over the country he put to work over twenty five years of contacts in the music business to press up, […]

Timmy Thomas at Books&Books (In Pictures)

The first time Timmy Thomas gave a concert in South Africa, the racist government there was in full effect, Nelson Mandela was in prison, and based on the color of his skin, one of the officials that Thomas dealt with actually had to be home by 9p.m. That was the evil awful law against anyone […]

Timmy Thomas Live In Free Concert at MOCA North Miami

Timmy Thomas is a┬ámultiplatinum hitmaker who has influenced Nelson Mandela, Henry Stone, Metro Boomin, and Drake. And he still wants the world to live together. This March 26th he’ll sing the most famous question he’s ever asked in a free concert at the Museum Of Contemporary Art in North Miami. “Why Can’t We Live Together?” […]