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Top 10 Blowfly Songs

10.  “Aquarius” from the Zodiac Blowfly album   9. “Shitting On The Dock Of The Bay” from the Weird World of Blowfly album     8. “Ed Sullivan Show” from the Blowfly On TV album     7. “Superman – That’s Fucked Up” from Super Blow Fly album     6. “Spermy Night In Georgia” […]

Music Retailer Arrested for Selling Blowfly Album – Billboard (1981)

  Retailer Arrested For Sale Of ‘Harmful’ LP To Minor By EDWARD MORRIS NASHVILLE – The arrest of a Pineville, La record retailer for selling “harmful material” to a minor has raised the question of whether all stores in the state must now begin to monitor their record and tape sales. Jim Willey co-owner of […]

Wildman Steve on Weird World Records (1976)

Wildman Steve. “A whole other world and part of the TK family of labels is called Weird World Records and features the works of Wildman Steve, product described as “For Adults Only.” – Cash Box Wildman Steve was a standup comic along the lines of Richard Pryor. He fused his life experience with punchlines and […]