Henry Stone Music

The Story Behind Henry Stone and Ray Charles

Henry Stone: My first studio here in Miami was back in 1948 or ’49 on Flagler street, first little funky studio. Actually it was the warehouse for my first distributing company where I had a piano and a tape machine in the back Jacob Katel: Who’d you record there? Henry Stone: A guy by the […]

The Legendary Henry Stone Still Tops The Charts

RAY CHARLES VS DIO “WALKIN’ & TALKIN’” REMIX HITS #6 WITH A BULLET ON THE BILLBOARD DANCE CHARTS! Henry Stone reached into his archives to deliver one of his Ray Charles tracks recorded in Miami in 1951. Henry called upon son Joe Stone to produce a new remix of the Ray Charles track “Walkin’ and […]

Henry Stone Music Announces a NEW Remix of Ray Charles’ “Walkin’ and Talkin'”

Ray Charles Remix The original Ray Charles record of “Walkin’ and Talkin’” that was recorded on Henry Stone’s Rockin Records label in the 1950’s is being brought into the 21st Century with a great dance remix by Christian Dio, one of the industry’s top mixers. Dio has mixed for artists as Whitney Houston, Alicia Keys […]