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Top 10 Rockin’ Records

 10. Willie Baker – Goin’ Back Home Today Label: Rockin’ Records Style: Blues Genre: Blues Year: 1953     9. Little Sam Davis – She’s So Good To Me Label: Rockin’ Records Style: Blues Genre: Blues Year: 1953     8. John Lee Booker (BKA John Lee Hooker) – Blue Monday Label: Rockin’ master, […]

Henry Stone Music’s Ray Charles Recordings (Miami Herald 2005)

“COCONUT GROVE Music company wins Ray Charles’ recordings. A Coconut Grove music company won ownership of four 1951 master recordings by Ray Charles after a default judgment against the late singer’s company because representatives failed to respond to the civil lawsuit. Henry Stone Music claimed Ray Charles recorded the songs “Walkin’ & Talkin’,” “I’m Wonderin’ […]

Before Ray Charles, There Was W.C. Baker, and He’s “Going Back Home”

W.C. Baker’s “Rumors About My Baby” is the first known release on Henry Stone’s Rockin’ Records label from 1952, good old GR-170-1, a 78rpm slab of history worth double and triple digits at auction today. But his best song is “Going Back Home Today” which came out a few releases later.     W.C. Baker […]

Henry Stone Tells The Story Of Recording Ray Charles (VIDEO)

The year was 1951. Henry Stone owned a small distribution company with a warehouse on Flagler street. He got a call from Sam Cooke to come meet him at the Mary Elizabeth Hotel in Overtown. Stone had been distributing Cooke’s records since he was in traveling gospel group The Soul Stirrers and they had become […]

Inside The Music Biz (The Stone Cold Truth Book 2) Out Now!

Check out the newest book in the Henry Stone Music library! Inside The Music Biz (Stone Cold Truth Book 2) is the ultimate music insider’s look at every aspect of the independent music business from the golden age of the jukebox to the dawn of the digital era. As you know, Henry Stone is a […]

The Story Behind Henry Stone and Ray Charles

Henry Stone: My first studio here in Miami was back in 1948 or ’49 on Flagler street, first little funky studio. Actually it was the warehouse for my first distributing company where I had a piano and a tape machine in the back Jacob Katel: Who’d you record there? Henry Stone: A guy by the […]

Latimore Radio interview on the Right Track Soul Show UK

Benny Latimore and Henry Stone, Grove Isle, 2013

On Sunday, May 26, 2013, Latimore was interviewed on Harry’s & Diana’s The Right Track Soul Show on 94.4 fm, Salford City Radio in the United Kingdom. He talks about the very beginnings of how he got into the music business to how he met Henry Stone in the 1960s, right up to today with […]