Henry Stone Music

Milt Oshins, Marlin Records Executive Vice President – Record World (1969)

“Henry Stone announced that Milt Oshins, Marlin Exec Vice President, will concentrate on the national promotion of Marlin artists, songs and records. He will also promote on a national basis a limited amount of individual records for labels carried by Tone. Pete Naschik will take over as Tone promo head. In another expansion on the […]

T.K. Records In The Hamilton Radio Quarterly Report – December 1976

Radio Quarterly Report: October – December, 1976 T.K. RECORDS 495 S.E. 10th COURT HIALEAH, FLORIDA 33010 (305) 888 -1685 LPs RELEASED THIS QUARTER: 8 SINGLES: 15 No. ON ROSTER: 25 EMPLOYEES: 12 PROMO MEN: 6 PRESIDENT: Henry Stone NATL PROMO: GM – Howard Smiley Dir. R&B George Chavous Natl Sec – Moe Preskell A&R: Steve […]