Henry Stone Music

Bobby Byrd – Back from the Dead Video

bobby byrd

Soul Brother Number One And A half (as Fred Wesley calls Bobby Byrd) is still being sampled by todays’ stars such as Eric B & Rekim “I Know You Got Soul” and Jay Z “I’m Not To Blame.” So, if you “Need Help” to patch that hole in your soul, well here comes Bobby Byrd […]

David Hudson – Honey Honey Video

david hudson

From the soul and funk of Miami via Atlanta, David was introduced to Miami by the prominent T.K. Records. “An Absolute ‘Classic’….one of the all time great ballads….Thank you for sharing!!!” Comment on Youtube by arrytall1 Available on the I Got What You Want CD.

Jimmy Bo Horne – Gimme Some Video

jimmie bo horne

Anyone fortunate enough to see a Jimmy Bo Horne show will agree that he ranks as one of the greatest entertainers. He is a proficient singer and musician. In 1967, while still at college, Jimmy entered the golden gates of Henry Stone and was assigned to his Alston label. Available on the Jimmy Bo Horne […]

Blac Haze – Get Loose Video

blac haze

His next adventure was with Henry Stone at T.K. Entertainment where he recorded this great album, “So Much Drama.” Within a couple of weeks, T.K. had generated such a big buzz in the streets over the album that it put Blac Haze back in the spotlight of the rap scene. Available on the So Much […]

Blac Haze – Get Dat Money Video

blac haze

Blac Haze was raised on the streets of Miami. His family life as a “shorty” was good. He gained much of his musical inspiration from his father, who was a musician. Available on the So Much Drama CD.

Little Beaver – Katie Pearl Video

willie little beaver hale

Little Beaver’s unique guitar style has been appreciated by the top musicians in the US. The late and legendary bass guitar player Jaco Pastorius used to hang out in Henry Stone’s tiny upstairs 8-track studio in Hialeah, Florida to study Little Beaver’s great guitar riffs. Available on the Katie Pearl CD.