Henry Stone Music

Milt Oshins, Marlin Records Executive Vice President – Record World (1969)

“Henry Stone announced that Milt Oshins, Marlin Exec Vice President, will concentrate on the national promotion of Marlin artists, songs and records. He will also promote on a national basis a limited amount of individual records for labels carried by Tone. Pete Naschik will take over as Tone promo head. In another expansion on the […]

Tone Distributors In Miami and Jacksonville (The Cash Box 1961)

Tone Distributors had a reputation in the industry for being the top hustler in the distribution biz. How else would a company in a 2% market be able to sell 10-15% of the indie r&b records in the country? Hard work, and trans shippin’. No surprise then that James Brown was such a fan of […]