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Howard Johnson from Niteflyte: “I Always Wanted To Be On TK Records”


“I actually grew up in Miami; and I was in a band called L.U.V. that snuck into the T.K. studios one night and recorded. Fred Thomas was a Hialeah policeman who wanted to be our manager and he brought us to a guy named Red to record. Red was a heavyset black guy, fair skinneded, […]

Steve Alaimo Live at All Shook Up Premiere Party Deauville Hotel in 2008

steve alaimo

Steve Alaimo, famous Miami singer from the 1960s, performing “Every Day I Have To Cry Some” at the WLRN “All Shook Up” Premiere party at the Deauville Hotel on Miami Beach, October 24, 2008. Steve Alaimo recorded for the Legendary Henry Stone in the 1950s and 60s. Steve now runs Audiovision Studios.