Henry Stone Music

Gwen McCrae “Rockin’ Chair” – CAT Records

RADIO AND RECORDS – MAY 1975 “Gwen McCrae Rockin’ Chair CAT Really beginning to spread and do well where played, 21 percent of our reporters are on it, 1810-WSGA, 1-1 WQAM, 24-14 WQXI, 19-9 WAYS, 13-9 KEEL”

Henry Stone documentary “Rock Your Baby” segment on Art Loft TV Show

On Tuesday, October 12, the Miami-produced “Art Loft” show on WPBT2 public television, did a segment on Henry Stone and the upcoming “Rock Your Baby” documentary film. In this episode of art loft, host Kalyn James and the art loft crew bring you a Miami music legend look back on a fascinating life and the […]

Article on WLRN – Seven Essential Tracks From Miami’s Disco Heyday

Arielle Castillo writes a very nice article on the WLRN website today, May 31, 2013. She picks out seven great tracks from Henry Stone’s TK Disco in the 1970s. “Not only did Miami have a disco sound — one influenced heavily, unsurprisingly, by Latin percussion and funk — the city had a full-on disco music […]