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Benny Latimore In The Miami Herald: “Newest Prodigy From TK Productions” (1974)

Article by John Huddy, Entertainment Editor for The Miami Herald – November 4th, 1974 For more than a decade, a bright young rhythm-and-blues singer worked his way from one noisy discotheque to another. Time passed quickly and suddenly Benny Latimore was 30 years old. Then 32, Then 34. “But you never give up hoping, you […]

Inside The Music Biz (The Stone Cold Truth Book 2) Out Now!

Check out the newest book in the Henry Stone Music library! Inside The Music Biz (Stone Cold Truth Book 2) is the ultimate music insider’s look at every aspect of the independent music business from the golden age of the jukebox to the dawn of the digital era. As you know, Henry Stone is a […]

A James Brown Personal Thank You Note

Here is an autographed thank you note James Brown sent to Henry Stone where you can practically feel the almighty funk of his spiritual dexterity as it’s jumping off the page with a foot kicked in the air before dropping to the splits and two stepping all over your psyche’s jukebox. Brown and Stone were […]

R.I.P. Prince – Reign In Purple – Orange Bowl 1985 Show Recap

R.I.P to the artist formerly known as The Artist Formerly Known As Prince. This is what it sounds like when doves cry, my friend. He was the Purple Alpha, the Minneapolis Omega, and a son of funk in the same league as James Brown and Little Richard. Here’s what HenryStoneMusic’s own Joe Stone remembers of the Prince […]

Henry Stone On James Brown: “I Was Like His Godfather”

Henry Stone famously befriended James Brown in about 1954 or ’55 in Macon, Georgia. Syd Nathan of King Records had called Stone up at his headquarters in Miami and told him to go up there and check out this hot song called “Please, Please, Please,” and to sign it for release on his DeLuxe label. […]

Henry Stone’s Wynwood Street Art for Art Basel Miami 2013

Lookout Wynwood! Mysterious Henry Stone street art posters have been taking over the neighborhood as Art Basel Miami 2013 descends on the city. We don’t know who the crusaders putting these up are, but it’s good to know that as the eyes of the world are upon Miami this week, that the creator of the […]