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2 Live Jews Are In The News, Again !!

  In 1990, a mysterious rap record called As Kosher As They Wanna Be came out on the Kosher Records label from Miami, FL. Riding the wave of the 2 Live Crew’s media popularity, the meta narrative of a parody group making parodies of a group that made parodies made a powerful undercurrent for the […]

Shout Out To The Mogul Podcast from Gimlet For Coming Through

The company that Spotify recently purchased for $200 million just sent three of its best reporters to Miami for a new season of their hit show. Shout out to the producing reporters of Mogul on Gimlet Media for rolling through HSM Headquarters to interview Joe Stone. Great questions and answers and should be an award […]

Joe Stone Interviewed on Between The Liner Notes

For Joe Stone, growing up in a house full of wild parties and non-stop music was one of a kind journey; And just like Henry Stone, Joe created his own pioneering role in the music business. After sneaking and fighting his way into the studio as a teenager, Joe became a producer, engineer, art director, artist, and promoter. […]

Latimore Radio interview on the Right Track Soul Show UK

Benny Latimore and Henry Stone, Grove Isle, 2013

On Sunday, May 26, 2013, Latimore was interviewed on Harry’s & Diana’s The Right Track Soul Show on 94.4 fm, Salford City Radio in the United Kingdom. He talks about the very beginnings of how he got into the music business to how he met Henry Stone in the 1960s, right up to today with […]

Henry Stone Interview on The Story with Dick Gordon April 29, 2013

Henry Stone on The Story

The Story with Dick Gordon Interviews Henry Stone “The Hits Keep Coming” Click Here To Listen Henry Stone has once again been interviewed on a national radio show The Story with Dick Gordon. Talking about the early years of distribution, his relationship with Ray Charles and Latimore’s latest release, Latimore Remembers Ray Charles, Henry Stone […]

Henry Stone On “The Story with Dick Gordon”

  “Last week I got a call from Carol, a producer for “The Story, With Dick Gordon,” a really great nationwide public radio show that wanted to interview me for a segment on The Miami Sound. So today, I drove up to the WLRN studio in Downtown Miami and got on the ISDN line with […]