Henry Stone Music

Top 10 HOT Productions Record Labels

10. Time-X Records Releases by: The Vicious Rumor Club, Tricky Nikki, The Boys from the Bottom, Wolf Pack, Pu-Tang Pam     9. Jackpot Records Releases by: DSK, Boogie Bass Bombers, Smooth E, F.M. Funk, Charlotte McKinnon     8. Loop Records Releases by: The Dynamic Duo, Break Beats: Drums Of Passion, Massive Meltdown   […]

Top 10 HOT Productions

After cutting ties with Morris Levy and Sunnyview Records, Henry formed a new manufacturing and distribution powerhouse called HOT Productions. The company had a slew of in-house labels, and the license to press, ship, market and distribute dozens of others. Throughout the CD era, the whole industry saw an explosion of inventory as compilations, re-issues, […]

HOT Bass Music From HOT Productions and HOT Record Sales

Hot Bass Music from HOT Productions, Inc. Low Riding Bass. Bass Your Car And Truck. This disc will blast your speakers with ear rippin’ bass from the Sunshine State. A low 20Hz will push all others out of your way and give you a feeling of power like no other can!! As the title suggests, […]

Joe Stone Interviewed on Between The Liner Notes

For Joe Stone, growing up in a house full of wild parties and non-stop music was one of a kind journey; And just like Henry Stone, Joe created his own pioneering role in the music business. After sneaking and fighting his way into the studio as a teenager, Joe became a producer, engineer, art director, artist, and promoter. […]