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Milton Butterball Smith Cools Down Neighborhood Disturbance

Miami Herald – August 9, 1968 Guard Called In After Two Die In Shootouts “Then Milton (Butterball) Smith, a WAME radio announcer, took the microphone. He presented three demands. The crowds would go home, he said, only if the police left. Secondly, all people in jail should be released, and thirdly, everybody who made bond […]

Joe Stone Talks About The Fire at T.K. Records on Between The Liner Notes

If you’ve ever wanted to know about the fire at the TK Records warehouse, tune in to this episode of Between The Liner Notes! With Joe Stone, the great Henry Stone legacy continues. Major thanks to Matthew Billy, creator of #BetweenTheLinerNotes, for anĀ epic interview podcast with Joe Stone talking about a fire at the TK […]

#FromTheArchives Butterball’s World Famous Barbecues

Who remembers Butterball’s world famous barbecues out back of Tone Distributors? For those of you who don’t remember, you might be asking, how can a back lot barbecue be famous? Oh yes, indeed they were! When visiting Miami, artists and record people from all over the world would stop by the Tone offices just for […]