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Top 10 BrownStone Records

10. Vicki Anderson ‎– I’m Too Tough For Mr. Big Stuff (Hot Pants) / Sound Funky Genre: Funk / Soul Style: Soul, Funk Year: 1971     9. Bobby Byrd ‎– Hot Pants – I’m Coming, Coming, I’m Coming Genre: Funk / Soul Style: Funk, Soul Year: 1971     8. John Henry ‎– Love […]

Henry Stone and James Brown Co-Owned Brown Stone Records – Billboard (1972)

NEW YORK – Stone’s labels include the following: Alston Records and Dade Records, both distributed by Atlantic; Kingston Records, distributed by Bell; Brownstone, which Stone owns with James Brown: and International Brothers, Dash, Dig, Blue Candle, Glades and Weird World, all disseminated through independent distributors. A glance at the charts in last week’s issue or […]

John Rootman Henry “Who Am I?” aka “Love Is Not A Stranger Anymore”

john rootman henry

Henry Stone’s DIG Records was a little underground indie under his Marlin Productions company where a pair of Steve Alaimo, Willie Clarke, and Clarence Reid collaborations with John Rootman Henry were ultimately released after originally being recorded for James Brown and Henry Stone’s BrownStone Records label in 1972. John Rootman Henry was a Miami soul […]